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Persona 4 Analysis

Persona 4 is a JRPG released in 2008 on the PlayStation 2; however, I did not start playing the game until this year. Two things that stuck out to me while I played the game. First, the story and inner monologuing, and lastly, the UI Elements. Like how easy they are to read and the subtle changes to the screen create an immersive experience that is not overly confusing.

The story within Persona 4 is fascinating because you are trying to solve a murder spree; however, the murderer puts his victims inside TV's. You play as a high school student just moving to a small country town, and the friends you make become your allies when you go into the TV's to save the murderer's possible victims. The cast of friends are all different, with different personalities and loves. You, as the player, will interact with your friends, leading to your character making observations and inner monologues to himself that bring the player into the game world.

The UI of Persona 4 is straightforward, with outstanding visual elements that depict many ideas in simple images. The weather is an essential aspect of the game, and the simple pictures allow for easy and quick interpretations. This is, so the player doesn't get pulled out of the game experience. Another amazing thing in the game is the fuzziness of the screen when the player goes into the tv to save someone, and this makes the player feel like they are inside of the tv.

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