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Game Analysis: Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 is an MMORPG that has recently increased in popularity. This post is supposed to analyze Final Fantasy 14's gameplay and UI. First, I recently started playing FF14 because a friend suggested it. After starting, I enjoyed some of the niche content that is present in the game. For instance, the class system is based on the weapon the player is holding and not on the general class they chose when making their character. Classes are usually decided on in the character creation in other MMOs like Elder scrolls online. The inability to change your class forces most players to create new characters to be able to play or even try the other classes. Which also forces players to redo all sorts of content in the game. What is the overall purpose of including or forcing players to replay content? It is a great idea to look at in another post.

The UI in FF14 is unique because it gives the player the ability to change and move the UI to their liking. It also allows the players to transfer any icons to their hotbar and allow the hotbars to change when using different classes. The ability to pick and choose what UI works best for the player gives your UI a lot of freedom for the players to customize. The options are endless, from a Bar full of your favorite emotes to a bar with your favorite classes to change. The below pictures will show two different UIs according to how the players want them.

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