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Wizard's Dice

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Wizard's Dice was a game that me and my old college roommate, Ian, wanted to work on together for the GMTK Game Jam. The theme for the jam was "Roll of the Dice" and after a bunch of deliberations we landed on two ideas Auto Battler and a Dice mechanic idea that I had thought of with inspiration from Risk. Ian and I figured the two ideas could meld well together and so we got to work splitting the work with a focus on our individual proficiencies. Ian was the main programmer building the base code and mechanics for the game. I was the mechanic designer writing up documents with ideas for the different character classes that we planned to include into the game and UI/UX programmer attaching visual components to the programmers code.

We started our focus on the main gameplay loop for the first 36 Hours. Ian focused on the programming of the numbers for the player starting combat first while I created a document indicating what the damage numbers should be and what effects each mage will have within the game. After I got the finished document to Ian, I began to work in the UI widget the general layout that I had thought of as a way to indicate the combat design.

general layout.PNG
combat pic.PNG

After creating a general layout I looked at how I could divide the layout into pieces. I then took what I thought could be those individual pieces and created a widget for each of those pieces which would be the parents of different widgets that I designed to be created and deleted via code later as a mechanic for when a player dies the dice widget set to them is removed at the same time.

After finishing the design and code of the parent widgets, I needed to work on the VFX and animation of the UI to indicate what was happening during combat, this part was the hardest for me because of the method that I chose to implement the visual effect relied on timing and I could not figure out the timing for the longest time.

combat tie.PNG
character customize.PNG

Next we decided that we needed a way to customize the players team and change your wizard element types so I focused on creating a layout where the player could make those decisions in a quick a effective screen. We then added the ability to change your wizards color and Name your wizard which is then shown in combat. One mistake I made in the final design was the lack of an indicator to tell which Unit you are editing and changing.

A few different take aways will be the general experience inside the engine, GitHub version control and UI animation inside UE4. Working on this project was a really fun experience and it really was a great thing that I wanted to do.

after combat.PNG
Wizard Dice
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