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Downfall of Amnesia

What I did

As the programmer, I learned the ins and outs of coding in the game maker language. I used knowledge coding to create the environment that the player plays in and the enemies that the player fights against, and their behaviors.

How I did it

The approach I did to consolidate the design was the idea that you, as the main character of the game, have amnesia. By fighting the tumors and blood clots that give you amnesia, you will become more yourself. I came to this idea because when you get cancer or blood clots in your brain, you begin to lose a part of who you are.

Who worked on it

In this game jam, I worked with an artist named Olivia Irvin. I acted as the programmer, and we both worked jointly as the designers.

What was used

When I was creating this game, I used some of my learned knowledge in Game Maker Studio to code and program four different enemies' behavior, a healing buff, and a scoring system, all within the 48-hour time window.

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