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About Me

My name is Andrew Clifft, I am a passionate and motivated graduate of DePaul University with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. 

I’m constantly striving to improve my design techniques, expand my skill sets and find new opportunities to grow. While I can do a variety of things, my main area of expertise is within gameplay and UI design. All of my projects have allowed me to grow and establish myself and my design philosophy.

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Wizard's Dice

Created in GMTK Jam 2022

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JRPG Game Creation

Created A JRPG using free paragon assets

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Shadow Pervades

Assistant Level and Quest Designer

I was a Assistant Level and Quest​ Designer on the studio's inaugural title that is in development. Learn more details about the game at:

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Proving Grounds

Capstone Project

I was a Lead Game and UI Designer on a 7 person team. Creating a Egyptian centered game with Hack n' Slash and RPG elements.

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